Ideas for a Sportier Style

I love the idea of sports, mainly football. I also love the idea of crafting, as I have seen many fun ideas on Pinterest and Google of ways for girls to get into sports even if they don’t really understand the sport itself. I wanted to share some of those ideas on this page because they are not my own ideas, but I still like them a lot.

Idea #1: Sports Jewelry
The pins on Pinterest for sports jewelry are endless, but I wanted to share a few of my favorites to give you an idea of some of the cute things you would be able to find. The first is a baseball bracelet from Etsy and it is pictured below.
I love anything girly and sparkly, so this would be a perfect addition for any baseball game day outfit. Also, it is not specific to one team, so if you have more than one favorite team you can wear it all season. Another piece of sports jewelry I love is this football heart ring from (pictured below).
Of course, the ring is sparkly and super girly which is why I love it. Even though I’m not a huge ring wearer, I would definitely consider buying this for football season. The last piece of sports jewelry I will share is a basketball necklace from Etsy (pictured below).
As usual, I loved this one because of how sparkly and girly it is. They also have similar ones like this in different sports such as soccer and baseball on Etsy.

Idea #2: Sports Outfits
I wanted to add a couple more outfits that I was not able to incorporate into my blog on this page. The first outfit is simple, but very girly. I found it on Pinterest and it is Seahawks-themed for the football season.
I love this outfit purely for the accessories. They add a pop of color to the outfit and I think that will really make you stand out whether you are at a live game or watching one at home. The second piece of clothing is a “Keep Calm and Love Baseball” shirt from (pictured below).
I am obsessed with the “Keep Calm” shirts and a lot of my girl friends like these shirts too. Also, the website has options for other sports too. The third outfit I chose is a do-it-yourself dress for game day for any sport. I have two pictures below to reference.
a776073c394b99d4ecc5fdd72f78d98c 9f8967ed1dec8cea91a36a21c4f912e1
I found the idea on Pinterest, but basically you can take a college t-shirt and turn it into a dress. (Sorry I was not able to find any actual instructions, but I’m sure you can find some if you Google it). I was very disappointed I was not able to make one this year, but I definitely will try to in the future.

Idea #3: Sports Decorations
I have seen ideas all over Pinterest of decorations for your house that are sports related. There are way too many I like to put on here, but I will include a few to give you an idea. The first idea is this vintage sports painting from Etsy (pictured below).
I love this for a family that watches a ton of sports, or possibly a son’s nursery room. The second decoration I found was this “Love Texas” with a football from Etsy.
Of course, this is supposed to be for the University of Texas and I’m not a huge fan, but you could probably turn this into a do-it-yourself project with your own state as the background and your college colors. It is a simple print that would make a cute addition to any room. The third decoration idea is this sports man cave because – although I know a majority of people reading this blog are women – it is absolutely amazing and it would be every guy’s dream to have a man cave like this.
Also, I would definitely be more inclined to watch sports if my future husband has a man cave like this.

Well, that’s all the ideas I have room for, but definitely check out my blog posts for more ideas like these!

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