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Sports Nails

I found so many cute ideas for sports nails on Pinterest when I was doing some research for my blog, so I thought I would try a few ideas for myself. I tweaked some ideas to make them easier/more understandable for the purpose of my blog. Below, I have incorporated a picture slideshow of the nails designs I painted and below the slideshow, I explain how I accomplished each design.

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1. The first nail design I tried was simple football nails with your favorite team’s colors. For the Seahawks, I used green and blue nail polish, then brown polish to design a football. I used Pure Ice in Deja Vu, Maybelline’s Color Show Polka Dots in Drops of Jade, and Essie in Little Brown Dress. I painted my thumb and ring fingernails blue and my pointer and middle fingernails green. I painted the pinky fingernail brown then, once very dry, I drew on the lines for the football with silver Sharpie. (Disclaimer: I would recommend using nail art pens instead of Sharpies. I had to redo some nails a few times using Sharpies, and when you put a top coat on the Sharpie will smear. For the purpose of my blog though, I used Sharpie for the pictures.)

2. The second nail design was my Seahawks nails. I purchased the nail decals from Etsy (this woman makes all of her own decals and they come in many different teams). I used blue/grey nail polish, then inserted the decals straight on my nails. The decals were a little difficult to work with, so I only chose two nails to apply them to (although if I had more time and patience, I would have applied the decals to every nail). I used Sally Hansen’s Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear in Gunmetal. I painted my thumb nail, middle fingernail, and ring fingernail with the blue/grey polish. I applied a second coat and a top coat and let dry well. Then I applied a full nail decal to my pointer fingernail and a smaller Seahawk decal to my pinky fingernail, applied a top coat, and let dry well. I was very satisfied with the results.

3. The third nail design I tried was Olympics-themed nails. With the passing of the Winter Olympics, I wanted to try my own nail design to commemorate the event. I used white nail polish as the background and Sharpies to draw a ring on each finger for each of the Olympics rings. I used Sinful Colors Professional in Show Me White. I painted all of my nails white, applied a second coat, and let dry well. Then I used blue Sharpie to draw the blue ring on my thumbnail, yellow Sharpie for the yellow ring on my pointer fingernail, black Sharpie for the black ring on my middle fingernail, green Sharpie for the green ring on my ring fingernail, and red Sharpie for the red ring on my pinky fingernail. I didn’t apply a top coat because the Sharpie would smear, but if you use nail art pens, you would be able to apply a top coat.

4. My fourth nail design was simple basketball nails. For this one, I did not use team colors, but you could easily tweak it to include your favorite team’s colors. I used orange nail polish, then drew a basketball on my thumb nail. I used OPI’s Bond Girls Collection in Jinx. I painted all of my nails orange, applied a second coat, and let dry well. Then I used black Sharpie to draw a basketball on my thumb nail.

5. The fifth nail design I tried was simple baseball nails. I used red polish and white polish for the baseball nail. I chose the red polish to compliment the red lines for the baseball, but you could substitute this for any color. I used CoverGirl’s Boundless Color in Crushed Berries and Sinful Colors Professional in Show Me White. I painted all of my nails, besides my ring fingernail, red and painted my ring fingernail white. I applied another coat for each nail, and let dry well. Then I used a red Sharpie to draw red lines on the white nail to design a baseball.

6. The final nail design I chose was team baseball nails. I chose the Texas Rangers since I do not really have a baseball team and the Texas Rangers have a pretty big fan base. I used blue and red polish for the team colors, white polish for the baseball, and red and silver Sharpies. I used Pure Ice in Deja Vu, Pure Ice in All Nighter, and Sinful Colors Professional in Show Me White. I started by painting the thumb and pinky fingernails blue, then painted the pointer and middle fingernails red. I painted the ring fingernail white, then applied second coats of nail polish for each nail and let dry well. Then I wrote a number 11 for Yu Darvish on my pointer and middle fingernails with silver Sharpie (you can do the jersey number for your favorite player) and used a red Sharpie to draw red lines on the white nail to design a baseball.

There are an endless number of possibilities for sports nails, and I tweaked most of my ideas from what I found on Pinterest. You can search sports nails, football nails, baseball nails, basketball nails, or whatever sport suits your fancy.

A True Story About Sports For Girls

I created an amusing Storify to document how my life is according to sports. Bear in mind, I am not very into sports, but I want to be! I have played sports throughout my childhood and understand basic rules here and there, but I still can’t seem to get into games when it comes to watching them on TV (aside from football). I thought it would be fun to put together this Storify for girls like me who don’t always understand the game even when they want to. Enjoy!

Also, as an extra, I want to know what sports you do enjoy watching most live versus on TV. For me, I like watching football in both circumstances, but which sports do you enjoy watching the most?

Basketball 101

In honor of March Madness, I am writing a post on the rules of basketball. I played basketball in middle school, and I would say I was actually pretty good. I played for two years and even though I was short for the team, I was quick. When high school rolled around, I stayed the same height and couldn’t continue playing. However, I still retained some knowledge from playing basketball.

Basketball requires players to score points by getting the ball in the basket. There is an offense and defense. The defense tries to stop the offense from scoring points and the offense is the team with the ball at the moment. This is the way a court is set up:

There are basically three ways to score:
1. A player can score one point if they are fouled (a player on the opposing team makes an illegal move on another player not on their team) and they can shoot from the free throw line twice to try to get two extra points. If they make the ball in one basket, they get one extra point. If they make the ball in both baskets, they get two extra points.
2. A player can score an automatic two points if they make a basket inside the three-point line. Then the ball goes to the other team.
3. A player can score an automatic three points if they make a basket outside of the three-point line. Then the ball goes to the other team.

There are ten players on a court at one time, five from each team. The five players are the point guard, the shooting guard, the small forward, the power forward, and the center.
The point guard brings the ball up the court to the basket and shoots to make a basket or passes it to another player. The shooting guard is typically the best perimeter shooter on the team (meaning they can shoot from outside the three-point line). Their goal is to get the ball from other players to shoot it, although this isn’t always possible if they are being blocked by a player on the opposing team. The small forward is able to shoot from the perimeter and inside the perimeter. They are considered the all-purpose player on the team. The power forward must be able to catch passes and shoot near the basket. They have to be strong and quick to fend off defensive players. The center is usually the tallest player on the team, so they are usually the ones who dunk the ball. They are able to grab offensive rebounds easier.

There are several ways to get violations, but too many to explain. I don’t even know a lot of them myself. However, it is important to know that if a player commits six fouls in an NBA game (five in a college basketball game), they “foul out” and have to sit out the rest of the game. If you do want to know the fouls and violations players can get, here is an official list from the NBA website.

That is pretty much all you need to know to be able to get through a game of basketball. If you want to know more on how to actually play the game, Howcast has some great YouTube videos related to basketball that are easy to understand. I’ve included one at the bottom of this post. I hope you are able to understand basketball a little better after reading this and I hope you enjoy watching the game!


So I haven’t posted anything in awhile and I could use the excuse that I have been living in the glory of the Seahawks winning the Super Bowl, but in all honesty I’ve just been pretty busy with school.

It’s harder for me to post about other sports because football is my favorite sport and usually the only sport I watch on television. However, I have been watching the Winter Olympics when I get a chance. My favorite to watch is figure skating, but I think all of the sports are pretty cool to watch and I wish I could have an ounce of the talent these Olympics athletes have. Right now, the medal count shows Norway in first place with 11 medals total, Canada in second place with 9 medals total, the Netherlands in third place with 8 medals total, and the United States in fourth place with 7 medals total. The two Team USA athletes holding gold medals are men’s slopestyle snowboarder Sage Kotsenburg and women’s slopestyle snowboarder Jamie Anderson.

I’ll continue enjoying the Olympics, but I will be discussing some other sports shortly too. With March Madness right around the corner, I know basketball is on a lot of people’s minds, so I’ll dedicate a few posts to that. And baseball will start shortly after that. I plan on attending a few basketball home games because I do enjoy basketball and baseball games live, so I’ll let you guys know how that is. Other than that, I hope everyone enjoys the Olympics or basketball or whatever other sport you are watching at this moment in time.

team usa


First, let me tell you a little bit about myself.

My name is Raquel Gonzales. I am a student at the University of Texas in San Marcos, TX. I am creating a blog for my Fundamentals of Digital and Online Media class. I had a difficult time coming up with an idea for a blog, but once I thought of my idea, I knew I would have a lot of fun with it. I am a girly girl. I love the things that most girly girls enjoy: shopping, doing my nails, dressing up in cute outfits, cooking and baking, listening to BeyoncĂ© and Katy Perry, watching shows like The Bachelor and Gossip Girl… You can get the picture. However, I am also a die-hard Seattle Seahawks fan. My fascination with football started in 2005. I started watching Seahawks games with my dad and my brother. My family also went for the Denver Broncos, the Atlanta Falcons, and the New Orleans Saints, but we lived in Washington, so they were Seahawks fans more than any other team. I started learning the sport and understanding some of the main points of the game. And when the Seahawks made it to the Super Bowl that year, I had become a huge fan of the team and the sport. Ever since then, I have been a die-hard Seahawks fan, watching every game and rooting for them every step of the way. Since I moved to Texas, I haven’t been able to watch as many games, but I am an even bigger fan than I was seven years ago. I love football because I understand it now, but I can’t say the same for other sports. I get the basics of sports like basketball and baseball, but I know there is a vast amount of knowledge I have yet to learn.

Now, I will tell you about my blog.

I have met girls like me that know a little about sports, but not as much as they would like to know. I have also met girls who know nothing about sports except that the team is trying to get the ball to the other side of the field/court to get points. My goal of this blog is to educate girls on the main sports going on during this semester (football, basketball, and baseball). Girls who don’t know much about sports wouldn’t enjoy watching a game with their man who does enjoy sports (including your boyfriend, brother, dad, etc.). That’s why I want to educate girls on the basics of these sports and hope they get a better understanding of the sport so that they won’t be bored watching the game. Aside from this, I have seen a lot of ideas on Pinterest that have inspired me. I want to try out some of these ideas, which range from sport-themed nails, to cute team outfits, to yummy game day snacks. That way, if you still don’t understand the sport, you can at least look cute while watching the game and/or make the guys a delicious halftime snack.